Vacation time!

This morning I hopped on the train bound for NY state where I met up with my mom and dad, and my mom’s cousin Kathy and her husband Oly. The train is an 8 hour journey along some gorgeous lake country in full fall colours, and I was super excited for all that uninterrupted knitting time!

Visual of my 8 hours on a train... do I know how to have a good time or what?

This little cutie was often found hanging out on the top of the chair in front of me. He was a happy, flirty little guy. Adorable in wee form.

So now I am at my Uncle Don’s (grand uncle technically) place in Middlefield Massachusetts and will be here until next Sunday. I’m looking forward to having a family thanksgiving, I had thought I was going to miss all major holidays, but I do get some turkey this winter!

Uncle Don's antique store, built in 1812, where we are staying (it is set up like a house).




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